Udgeeth Pranayama Breathing Benefits and Steps

Udgeeth Pranayama Breathing Benefits and Steps

Udgeeth pranayama breathing exercise is known as the chanting of “Om” or omkari japa with every exhalation. In Sanskrit “Udgeeta” means singing loudly. Udgeeth pranayama consist, breathing deeply inwards and chanting of “Om” in a loud pitch while breathing outwards. It is one of the most important pranayamas in all seven pranayamas (Deep yoga breathing exercises)  that everyone should do if you want to release your stress or depression.

How to Do Udgeeth Pranayama Exercise?

  • Initially, sit straight in sukhasana or padmasana with an erect spine.
  • Now inhale (breathe in) deeply through both the nostrils till your diaphragm is full with air. Fill your lungs, but not stomach with air.
  • Now, while exhaling (Breathing out) slowly chant the word “Om”. While Inhaling or exhaling mouth should be closed.
  • Udgeeth pranayama (breathing exercise) is very simple to practice. Remember, while chanting “Om”, “O” should be long and “M” should be short (OOOOOOOOOOM).
  • While inhaling think that positive energy is coming inside and negative energy going out while exhaling.
  • Repeat this cycle for 5 minutes.

Benefits of Udgeeth Pranayama

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