Sukhasana yoga steps and benefits

Sukhasana Yoga Steps and Benefits | Easy Yoga | Myfitnesscraze

Sukhasana yoga pose is also known as a meditative pose. It is one of the simple yoga workouts for beginners to start. Sukhasana is an easy yoga pose which can be done anytime. It is not necessary that it should be done on an empty stomach. Let’s see sukhasana steps and benefits.

Sukhasana is the Sanskrit word.
Sukha – Happiness
Asana – Pose

Sukhasana Yoga Steps

  • Sit on the ground comfortably with an erect spine as shown in above image.
  • Place your palms on your knees but the palm should be facing to the sky.
  • Keep breathing normally and feel relaxed.
  • You can sit in sukhasana yoga pose as long as you can.

Benefits of Sukhasana

Precautions for Sukhasana

  • Those who are suffering from slipped disc problem should not practice.
  • Sit on a chair if you cannot fold your legs.
  • Avoid if you have a knee injury.

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