Pranav Pranayama Breathing Benefits and Steps

Pranav Pranayama Breathing Benefits and Steps

Pranav pranayama is the last and seventh pranayama which is the most important breathing exercise to experience mental and spiritual energy. After completing six pranayamas you should start Pranav breathing exercise. In this pranayama, you have to concentrate on your inhaling and exhaling. You can say that it is one type of meditation.

How to Do Pranav Pranayama?

  1. Sit quietly and close your eyes.
  2. Now start breathing normally and concentrate your mind on your inhaling and exhaling. Do not think about anything. Think about God and feel the presence of God everywhere in each particle.
  3. Practice this breathing exercise for 4-5 minutes.
  4. Keep in mind that inhaling or exhaling should be so subtle that you do not feel like hearing breathing sound.
  5. Inhaling and exhaling should be deep. Means one inhaling in 5-15 seconds and exhaling in 5-15 seconds. Those who are a good practitioner, take one breath in one minute.

Benefits of Pranav Pranayama

  1. Gives physical and mental strength.
  2. Gives spiritual energy.
  3. Calms the mind.
  4. Releases stress and depression.
  5. Good for meditation.
  6. Improves concentration.

Precautions for Pranav Pranayama

  1. Pranayama should be done on an empty stomach.
  2. Meditate or practice all yoga breathing exercises in a fresh air.

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