Padmasana yoga benefits and steps

Padmasana Yoga Benefits and Steps | Lotus Position | Myfitnesscraze

Padmasana (lotus position) is one of the easy yoga poses for the meditation. Padmasana yoga pose is effective to improve concentration and focus. It relaxes the whole body and calms the mind. Let’s check padmasana yoga benefits and steps.

Padmasana is the Sanskrit word. It is also known as lotus pose or Kamalasana.
Padma – Lotus, Kamala in Hindi and Asana – Pose. Let’s check padmasana benefits and steps.

Padmasana Yoga Steps

  • Sit comfortably on the floor with an erect spine in a Sukhasana yoga pose in the beginning.
  • With the help of both the hands bend your right leg to keep on left thigh. Then bend your left leg to keep on your right thigh.
  • The soul of the feet should face upwards and touch your navel.
  • Place your hands on your knees. Palms should face upwards and touch your thumb to your index finger which is called mudra position.
  • Hold this position for few minutes and keep breathing normally and deeply.

Padmasana Yoga Benefits

Padmasana Precautions

  • If you cannot fold both legs then you should fold one leg in the beginning.
  • Those who are suffering from ankle or knee injury should not practice.
  • Practice under an expert guidance.

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