Lose belly fat naturally at home

Lose Belly Fat Naturally at Home Easily – 5 Proven Tips

To lose weight or belly fat only trying exercises and weight loss home remedies are not enough. You should follow some effective weight loss tips also. Without following these tips you are not going to lose weight or belly. Let’s check the best way to lose belly fat naturally at home.

1. Cut Sugar

Cutting sugar is the first step to lose belly fat naturally at home. Because sugar is really not good for your health. Basically, sugar takes a long time to digest and afterward, it converts into fat. Hence it is best to avoid sugar products like cake, juices, ice cream and cold drinks.

Hence Instead of sugar, you can eat Jaggery which is full of vitamins and nutrients. After having your meal you should eat a piece of jaggery. Jaggery is effective to digest your food properly, prevent indigestion and weight gain.

Home Remedies to Lose Weight

2. Breakfast is Important

Definitely, you have started skipping your breakfast to lose weight. Because you may have heard that eating less is the best way to lose weight. But friends it is not a right way to lose weight. Basically eating right food on right time is the best way to lose weight.

According to the Ayurveda, you should not skip your breakfast. If you will skip your breakfast, it will make you more hungry. In results, you will eat more calories to fulfill your need. Now this way you are not going to lose weight.

Hence have your breakfast but avoid fatty, oily or junk food. Only you should reduce your quantity of food when you will have your lunch and dinner.

Ayurveda Rules of Eating Food

For eg

Morning (7-8 am) – 6 Chapatis (Roti),

Lunch (12-1 pm) – 4 Chapatis (Roti)

Evening (6 -7 pm) – 2 chapatis (Roti).

The above example indicates the quantity and timing of food that normal person should follow if you are living in India. But if you want to lose weight then you should start reducing your quantity of food according to the above ratio. This way it will definitely help you to reduce your weight.

3. Avoid Heavy Meal at Night

Due to a busy lifestyle, office or other reasons you cannot eat before 7 pm. Most of the people having their meal after 9-10 pm.  Actually, evening or night time is not for having heavy food. Because the stomach Agni (fire) becomes low in the evening which is not capable to digest your food. In results, it leads to indigestion, acidity, and constipation which is the actual reason of increasing body fat. Hence always have light food in the evening which is the best way to prevent weight gain and lose belly fat naturally at home.

4. Rules of Drinking Water

If you want to lose weight then stop drinking water while having your meal. According to the Ayurveda, drinking water while having meal reduces the stomach Agni (Jatharagni) and digestive juices. Due to this, the food remains as it is. The undigested food afterward converts into fat. Hence if you want to lose belly fat naturally at home you should follow the rules of drinking water.

Ayurveda Rules of Drinking Water

  • Drink water 40 minutes before having your meal.
  • Do not drink water while having food.
  • Drink water 1 hr after having food.

[ Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning ]

Then what you can drink right after having a meal?

  • Chaas (Buttermilk, )
  • Lemon juice without sugar

5. Use Small Plates

It is one of the best ways to lose weight and consume fewer calories. The rule is simple and effective. If a plate is small then you will take less food. You should follow this rule even if you are in the party or wedding.

6. Quick Tips to Lose Weight and Belly

  • If possible avoid white rice and white bread at night.
  • Avoid dairy products, fatty, junk food, oily food, and meat.
  • Lifting weights also effective to lose weight.
  • Practicing yoga poses are effective to lose belly fat and weight.
  • Always drink 2-3 glasses of warm water early in the morning on an empty stomach. It will boost your metabolism and digestion process which is effective to lose weight.
  • If possible have warm lemon honey water which is excellent weight loss home remedy.
  • Chew food thoroughly which will digest your food immediately and completely. It will prevent constipation and weight gain.
  • Increase intake of lukewarm water. Daily 2-3 liters of water you should drink.
  • Increase intake of protein in your meal. Protein takes few more hours to digest. It makes your stomach full to feel less hungry. It is the best thing to lose weight.

7. Exercises to Lose Weight and Belly


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  • Hi Raj, Thanks for sharing the tips. All the tips are very good and effective as well (Talking from my person experience). That Ayurveda rule is so true …

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