Janu sirsasana benefits and steps

Janu Sirsasana Benefits and Steps (Head to Knee Pose)

Janu Sirsasana is also known as head to knee pose. It is an effective yoga exercise to increase height, reduce stress, fatigue, lose belly fat, strengthen the spine, back muscles and shoulders. Let’s check Janu Sirsasana benefits, steps and precautions one by one.

Sanskrit Word – Janu Sirshasana or Janu Sirsasana
Janu – Knee
Sirs – Head
Asana – Pose
Other Name – Head to Knee Pose, Forward Bend yoga

Janu Sirsasana Benefits

Janu Sirsasana Steps

  • First, sit straight on the ground.
  • Now stretch your right leg in front of you as shown in above image.
  • Try to touch your left foot the inner right thigh.
  • Now take a deep breath and raise your both hands up above the head.
  • While exhaling bend forward until your forehead touches the right knee.
  • Try to hold your right foot with your both hands.
  • If possible hold your breath if you remain in the position for few seconds. But you can breathe normally if you want to remain in the position for few minutes.
  • Now inhale deeply and while exhaling raise your hands up above the head and bring down.
  • Take a rest and repeat this pose with bending the left leg.


Those who are suffering from a knee injury, back problem, asthma or diarrhea should not practice.

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