Healthy ways to lose weight fast

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast – 21 Effective Tips

To lose weight fast you don’t need to take harmful pills and celebrity diets. To lose weight you will have to follow weight loss tips, healthy diet, and effective exercises. Let’s check out healthy ways to lose weight fast.

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

1. Always drink water before having meal which will make you feel full to eat light.

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2. Do not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes you more hungry to eat more calories which lead to weight gain.

3. Dinner should be light. Having largest meal at night makes you fat because digestion slows down at night which lead to gain weight.

4. Say no to sugar foods and drinks. Eating and drinking sugar products will increase your weight.

5. Eating slowly and chewing thoroughly prevents overeating and helps digestion which is one of the healthy ways to lose weight fast.

6. Lifting heavy weight helps you to burn fat fast and build muscles.

7. Go for running or fast walking for 30 minutes which is the best way to burn calories.
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8. Always use a small plate to eat instead of big. Big plates mean serving more food and more food means consuming more calories.

9. Instead of drinking cold water keep habit of drinking warm water which is one of the healthy ways to lose weight fast.

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10. Having snacks every 3-4  hours keeps your hunger in control. You can have an apple, almonds etc.

11. Include more salad, vegetables, fruits and protein in your diet.

12. White bread, white rice, pasta, alcohol should be avoided. You can have brown bread and rice.

13. Proper 7 -8 hours sleep is very important if you want to lose weight. If you don’t sleep enough the level of stress hormone (cortisol) increases which leads to weight gain.

14. Instead of using lift and car you can walk and use a bicycle for a short distance.

15. Drink more water throughout the day. Water boosts metabolism, improve digestion and lose weight.

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16. Avoid eating if you are stressed. According to the study, when you are stressed you consume more calories which increase weight. Hence first try to make yourself relax, feel happy then start eating.

17. Practice yoga exercises to lose weight daily.

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18. Manage your stress, tension, anxiety, and depression. According to the study, stress is also the main cause of the increase in weight.

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19. If you are working in an office then do not sit for a long time on a chair. Take a walk for 2 minutes every half an hour.

20. Drinking warm lemon honey water early in the morning on an empty stomach is one of the healthy ways to lose weight fast.

21. Also, you should try few effective home remedies to lose weight.

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