Going to the gym but not losing weight

Going to the Gym But Not Losing Weight – Top 11 Reasons

To lose weight, are you going to the gym or doing yoga exercises, walking, running, jogging and swimming but still, you are not losing weight right? Hey, then you should know the exact reasons for not losing weight. Let’s find the reasons for going to the gym but not losing weight.

Why Are You Not Losing Weight?

1. Not Drinking Enough Water

Water plays an important role in weight loss. Drinking enough water boosts metabolism, prevent constipation, reduces hunger, and improves your fat burning rate. But if you are not drinking enough water then definitely you will not lose weight.

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2. Mindless Eating

You are going to the gym but not losing weight may be due to following reasons.

  • Not eating right food
  • Eating Junk food, highly processed food
  • Not calculating calories.
  • Eating too much
  • Not Keeping track of eating food

3. Not Doing Cardio

Running, jogging or swimming is effective to burn calories, belly fat, boost metabolism and improve the function of the heart. According to your body type, decide how much time you should give for cardio and other exercises.

4. Not Lifting Weights

Another important reason for going to the gym but not losing weight is you are not lifting weights. Lifting heavy weights increases your strength, metabolic rate, builds muscle, and rate of burning calories. Always ask your gym instructor before doing any exercise.

5. You Are Under Stress

Stress is also one of the main reasons for exercising but not losing weight. Yes, when you stressed out, your body increases the level of cortisol hormone which will store fat instead of burning fat. According to the research, your body starts storing fat instead of burning fat when you are stressed out.

It is better to try yoga breathing exercises and follow stress management techniques to reduce stress.

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6. Eating High Calories

Another important reason for going to the gym but not losing weight is eating high calories. Actually, you should calculate how many calories you burned and how much you should eat. If you have burned 200 calories and you are eating 400 calories then definitely you are not going to lose weight. You should you eat 100 calories.

7. Increase in Sugar Drinks

You are exercising but not losing weight then eating sugar products can be the reason. Keep in mind that sugar will increase fat. Avoid or reduce the intake of cold drinks, sweets, fruit juice and Vitaminwater which are loaded with sugar.

8. Not Taking Enough Sleep

After doing exercise your body needs a rest. According to the research poor sleep is also the big reason for going to the gym but not losing weight. After all to lose weight your physical and mental health is also important.

9. Medical Reasons

If you are exercising and not losing weight then check if you are suffering from one of this health problems.

10. Doing the Same Workout

If you are doing the same workout daily then you are not going to lose weight. Ask your instructor and add some different exercises to prevent reaching a plateau.

11. You are Expecting Too Much

Keep in mind that you are not going to lose weight after 2 days of joining the gym. It will take some time. Do not expect too much. Have some patience and keep exercising. In few days you are definitely going to see you in good shape.

Hope you found your reason for going to the gym but not losing weight. If you want to share your tips and experience then do not forget to comment below.

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