Reasons you are exercising but not losing weight

12 Reasons You Are Exercising But Not Losing Weight | Myfitnesscraze

Still, you are dieting and exercising but not losing weight then you should check your daily lifestyle, eating habits, medical reasons and how much you are eating? Let’s check those reasons which are responsible for not losing weight even after working out or dieting.

Exercising But Not Losing Weight

1. Mindless Eating Habit

According to the research keeping track of your diet is the best way to lose weight. You should know how much and what you are eating. Most of the people don’t do this and eat more hence even after working out, they are not losing weight.

2. Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough waterAnother important reason behind dieting and exercising but not losing weight is not drinking enough water throughout the day. Yes, water plays an important role in weight loss naturally. Water boosts metabolism, increases energy, increases fat burning enzymes and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

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3. Not Eating Slowly and Chewing Thoroughly

If you are dieting and exercising but not losing weight then maybe you are not eating slowly and chewing properly. Most of the people complete their meal within few minutes without chewing food thoroughly. If you are one of them then instead of losing weight you will gain weight.

Actually, you should take at least 20 minutes to eat. According to the research, your brain takes around 20 minutes to inform you that your stomach is full and you should not eat more. But due to fast eating without chewing properly you consume more calories which lead to increase in weight.

Eating slowly and chewing food properly, stimulates the saliva glands to release saliva. Saliva contains digestive enzymes and special chemical which helps to break down your food and improves digestion. A good digestion controls your weight and prevents weight gain.

4. You are Skipping Breakfast or Meals

Actually skipping breakfast or meals makes you more hungry which leads to consuming more food. Hence do not skip your breakfast or meals.

5. You are in Stress or Depression

Stress relief techniquesYes, it is true. Weight gain is connected to stress. If you are stressed the level of cortisol hormone increases which lead to gain weight. Actually, due to increased in stress hormone the level of insulin increases and the level of glucose decreases. And definitely, you will consume more sugary and fatty food which will make you fat.

Stress = High cortisol level = High insulin = Decrease in glucose = Increase in appetite = Increase in weight

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6. Unhealthy Food Choice

Maybe you are eating unhealthy foods which contain high carb, sodium, and trans fats. Definitely, you are going to increase weight.

7. Digestive Disorder

If your digestive system is not working properly then you will definitely increase weight. Due to lack of good bacteria in the stomach, unhealthy food, mindless eating and not drinking enough water, you may suffer indigestion or constipation.

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8. Not Lifting Heavy Weights

Not lifting heavy weightsIf you are exercising but not losing weight then you should concentrate on lifting heavy weights also. If you are going for walking, running, jogging and swimming then don’t stop but you should also start lifting heavy weight also. Lifting heavy weight helps to build muscles and burn fat fast.

Lifting heavy weight helps to build muscles and burn fat fast. You should start from light weight to heavy weight. But always practice under an expert guidance.

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9. Eating Less Protein and High Carbohydrate

Protein plays an important role in reducing weight because the increase in protein reduces your appetite and make you full. In results, you will reduce your calorie intake which will help you in weight loss. But eating less protein and eating more carbohydrates are not going to lose your weight.

10. Eating Sugar Foods and Drinks

The increase in intake of sugar food and drinks will definitely increase your weight. Hence avoid cold drinks, cakes, soft drinks and other sweeteners.

11. Not Taking Enough Sleep

Poor sleep is connected to weight gain. As we read before that poor sleep increases the level of cortisol hormone. The high level of cortisol hormones leads to increase in appetite. Hence next day without keeping track you eat more food which leads to weight gain which is one of the important reason for exercising but not losing weight.

12. You are Expecting Too Much

Keep in mind that you will not lose your weight withing 2 days. Actually losing weight is not difficult but you have to keep patience and focus on how much you have to reduce weight. You should follow a healthy lifestyle, proper eating habit, and exercises.

Last but important point to remember that your dedication, focus, and continuity will help you to lose weight. Hence do not give up. You can do it.

Medical Reasons for Not Losing Weight

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