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Friends, here we are going to see the important exercise tips for weight loss. To burn more fat and get a good shape you should follow some rules of exercising and nutrition. Let’s see for fast weight loss how to exercise and what to eat before and after workout

Workout Tips for Weight Loss

1.Warm Up

Do not start lifting weights directly when you start exercising. Before it, you should do warm up. Start fast walking, jumping and toe touching.

2. Pre-Workout Nutrition 

If you are going to the gym and lifting weights for weight loss without eating anything then you are doing wrong. Actually, your body needs fuel or energy which comes from glycogen. For good glycogen level, you should eat some carbohydrates and proteins. Because your body will not get this fuel from your fat due to lack of oxygen. Hence for a good glycogen level, you should eat 1-2 hours before a workout and improve your performance which is one of the important exercise tips for weight loss.

What You Should Eat Before a Workout?

  • Yogurt with fruits and honey
  • Smoothie
  • Fruits
  • Banana
  • 50 gms Dates
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut butter sandwich 

3. Post-Workout Nutrition
After a strenuous workout, one should have a protein-rich food within 45 minutes of their workouts. It does not mean that right after a workout. During a workout, our body uses nutrients and energy hence it is our duty to provide essential nutrients to regain your energy and repair muscles. Your body needs at least 30 grams of carb and 15 grams of protein after a workout.

Let’s see what you can include in your post-workout nutrition?

  • Eggs
  • Panner
  • Sprouts
  • Chicken

4. Plenty of Water 

Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

While exercising you should drink a cup of water for every 15 minutes of workout which is one of the important exercise tips for weight loss. Without water, you are not going to improve your performance. Without water, you may experience cramp due to electrolytes imbalance. Calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and chloride are natural electrolytes which your body sweats and releases while exercising. This may lead to a muscle cramp.

5. Do Not Waste Time Between Exercises
Due to taking a long break while exercising the heart rate becomes normal. That means you will have to work hard burn more calories. Hence do not waste more time between exercises.

6. Yoga on an Empty Stomach
Those who are doing yoga exercises should practice only on empty stomach. It should be done 4 hours after having food.

Yoga Exercises to Lose Weight

7. Exercise at the Same Time
It is one of the best ways to lose weight. In the beginning, it will be not easy but after a few days, it will be your part of your routine. And dedicatedly you will go for a workout. At last, consistency and patience is the key to success. To lose weight you will have to exercise daily. If possible practice in the morning and evening also.

8. Stretching
After finishing your workout do not forget to do stretching. Always ask your trainer and follow the same.

9. Be Positive and Achieve Goal
You will have to exercise daily and there is no shortcut. Do not try harmful weight loss medicines. To achieve your target, your dedication will play an important role. Nothing is going to change in 2 days. Hence be positive and have patience.

At last, always consult your doctor and take an expert advice if you are suffering from any health issues.

Hope you found the given exercise tips for weight loss helpful and you will follow the same. If you have more suggestions then do not forget to comment below.

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