Dealing with stress in the workplace

Dealing With Stress In the Workplace – 14 Effective Techniques

If you are working in an office and don’t know how to beat stress then this article will definitely help you in dealing with stress in the workplace. Actually, you cannot change the system but you can change yourself. You should learn the techniques to beat difficult and stressful condition whether you are in an office or in your life.

In our previous article, we have seen the techniques to relieve stress, tension, depression, and anxiety. Here we will learn the best ways to reduce stress at work.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress at Work

  • Fatigue
  • Frustration
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger/irritability
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • No interest in work
  • Smoking and alcohol to reduce stress
  • Stomach problems

Causes of Stress at Work

  • Heavy workload
  • Deadlines
  • Overtime
  • Low salary
  • Job insecurity
  • No satisfaction
  • Boring work
  • Bad management
  • No promotion

Dealing With Stress In the Workplace

1. Accept Your Fear and Stress  

According to the research, a little bit stress and a small amount of fear is a good thing to achieve your goal and thinking out of the box. Due to a little bit fear and stress you will start working beyond your limits which will bring you closer to your goals. Hence accept your stress and fear and be prepare for new challenges.

2. Try to Find Solution Instead of Worrying

Most of the time you only think about the problems which is not going to complete your task or solve any problems. Instead of talking about only problems, try to find easy solutions to solve it. At the end, your will definitely solve it.

3. Always Keep Smiling

Always there will be a workload and pressure in your office. But it depends on you that how you handle this situation. Instead of arguing, crying, worrying you should keep smiling. Smiling is the best way of dealing with stress in the workplace. Actually smiling will reduce your stress by 50 percent and keep you energetic. It gives the energy to work under pressure as well as to complete your task. Also, your office friends will like to work with you.

4. Cool Down Quickly

When you feel angry or frustrated try to cool down quickly. Please do not react quickly because your reaction may create problems in the office or you can lose your job also. To cool down quickly, take a deep breath for few minutes. Think that boss is always right and you are working in his company but he is not working in your company. Then why to get angry? This thinking will help you to reduce your stress at workplace.

5. Take a Break to Relax

Taking a break is one of the best ways of dealing with stress in the workplace. If you feel more frustrated, tense or angry you can take a break for few minutes. Listen to music or read some joke. Or you can apply for 2 days leave if you are really got frustrated. This will definitely help you to reduce your stress at the workplace and work with a full energy.

6. Set Alarm to Avoid Forgetting Things

Use your mobile or a watch to remind you about important things like mailing, important task, meeting or something important related to office work. Usually, we forget some important task due to our busy schedule which may increase your stress level. Hence it is better to set alarm for an important task.

7. Get Moving

Do not sit in a chair more than an hour at a time. If possible, after an hour go for a walk or talk to your best friend. It will recharge your brain, boost your mood and prevent back pain also.

8. Do One Thing at a Time

Always do one thing at a time because it will help you to complete your task with concentration and without any mistake. This way you will keep your stress away.

9. Work On Priority Task First

If you have to complete so many tasks in a day, first work on priority task then work on another task. You can ask your project manager and find out the less priority task which can be done on the next day.

If you are not able to do a particular task, inform your project manager at the beginning of the day instead of informing at the end of the day which is one of the best ways of dealing with stress in the workplace.

10. Deep Breathing Exercises

If you are feeling more angry or frustrated you can practice deep breathing exercises of yoga. Yoga breathing exercises will definitely reduce your stress at work. Deep breathing exercises calm the mind, improves concentration and increase energy level. You can practice breathing exercises in your office also.

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11. Spend Some Time with Good Friend in Office

In your office, you should have at least one best friend. Your friend will play an important role to reduce your stress. You can share your problems with him so he can understand you and help you.

12. Sleep Well and Eat Well

Another way of dealing with stress in the workplace is to sleep well and eat well rule. If you want to handle stress on the next day in your office you should take a good sleep for at least 8 hours otherwise, you will feel less energetic, irritated and frustrated on the next day. A good sleep will calm the mind and your body. It will improve the function of your brain and keep you more energetic.

  • Avoid junk food, nicotine, and smoking
  • Eat less sugar food and more protein food
  • Reduce intake of tea and coffee
  • Eat more fish to get Omega-3 fatty acids to boost your energy.

13. Ask For Help

You can take help of your friend, family member or professionals to manage your stress.

14.  Think Positively

Always think positively and maintain a positive attitude. A negative thinking will decrease your energy level and productivity.

15. Regular Exercises

Always go for regular exercises like walking running, jogging, swimming or aerobics at least for 30 minutes in the morning. The exercises will boost your mood and keep your energetic throughout the day which will help you to handle stress at work. It improves your function of the brain and your metabolism.

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Last But Important – Love your job but not company. You can change your job when it will be difficult to spend more time in your company for you.

“I think you will definitely follow these tips to reduce stress at work. If you have more suggestion please feel free to comment below and do not forget to share.”

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