Health Benefits of Shirshasana, Head Stand Yoga Pose

9 Health Benefits of Shirshasana, Head Stand Yoga Pose

Shirshasana, head stand pose is also known as the king of all yoga poses because it provides multiple health benefits. It is one of the best yoga poses to strengthen your mind, body, and soul. Let’s check what are the health benefits of shirshasana and why you should practice everyday?

Benefits of Shirshasana (Head Stand Pose)

1. Improves Function of Brain

The inverted position of shirshasana (headstand pose) increases the supply of oxygen-rich blood to your head region which improves blood circulation in the brain. A good blood circulation stimulates the brain cells and provides nourishment. It revitalizes the brain and improves concentration and boosts memory power.

2. Improves Digestion

The inverted position of shirshasana Headstand pose improves blood flow in the digestive system which helps to improve the function of digestive organs. It increases digestive fire, body heat, removes stomach gas, increases absorption of nutrients and helps to move stuck material in the intestine.

3. Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall or baldness occurs due to stress, poor circulation of blood in the scalp. But regular practice of shirshasana improves the blood circulation in the scalp and stop hair fall which is one of the important health benefits of shirshasana (head stand pose). The inverted position of shirshasana increases the supply of extra nutrients and oxygen to your scalp to regrow hair and convert gray hairs to the original color.

4. Prevents Eye Problems

Shirshasana increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the eye region which improves the function of eyes, improves eyesight and keeps you away from a disorder of eyes.

5. Improves Skin Health

Insufficient supply of oxygen-rich blood, nutrients and inadequate removal of waste causes pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles. But the inverted pose of shirshasana increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients directly to the face area which helps to improve your skin health and complexion.

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6. Relieve Stress

Are you suffering from stress then you should practice shirshasana. Stress may lead to many health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart attack, kidney problems, high blood pressure and other health problems. Shirshasana (head stand pose) is beneficial to relieve your stress, anxiety, and tension easily.

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7. Relieve Pain In Legs

Shirshasana reduces the pressure on the blood vessels of legs which helps to reduce pain in legs, the problems of varicose vein and also it improves the function of abdomen organs.

8. Cures Headache and Migraine

The inverted pose of shirshasana supplies oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the head region which improves the function of pituitary and pineal glands of a brain. It helps to prevent and cure a headache due to a migraine which is one of the important health benefits of shirshasana (head stand pose). But should not practice shirshasana at the time of a headache and always practice under expert guidance to avoid any type of injury.

9. Cures Sexual Disorder

Due to a supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients, the function of the important gland of our body increases. It stimulates and regulates the function of sexual endocrine glands and organs which help to cure your sexual disorder.

Duration of Shirshasana

In the beginning, you should practice shirshasana for 30 seconds. After a good practice, you can practice shirshasana up to 30 minutes. But shirshasana should be done under an expert guidance.

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