Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

5 Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss – Myfitnesscraze

Without water, your weight loss plan is not going to work. But you should know that how much water to drink to lose weight and what are the benefits of drinking water for weight loss? Basically, water keeps you hydrated, boost your metabolism and gives you calorie free energy. We all know that drinking more water is very important for proper body function but how many of us follow this?  Let’s check how water can help you lose weight?

Benefits of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

1. Make You Feel Full
Drinking water before meals will reduce your intake of calories because water will make you feel full. Definitely, you will think twice before having any food if you have drunk two glasses of water before a meal. If you have drank water before then you will consume 75-90 calories less per meal. Now think, if you are having 3 meals a day means you are saving 270 calories. This way you will eat less calories per meal everyday and control overeating which will help you to lose weight fast.

2. Helps Metabolism
Basically, metabolism is the rate at which your body uses energy or burns calories. One of the important benefits of drinking water for weight loss is speeding metabolism. Yes, water plays an important role to improve metabolism by 30 percent. If you will not drink enough water a day, your body will not work properly to burn calories.

3. Keep Hydrated
Basically 60% of our body contains water. Most of the water you lose through sweating, urination, and metabolism which may lead to dehydration if you will not drink immediately. Due to dehydration, your bones and muscles will not work properly which may lead to tiredness and weight gain. Actually, dehydration reduces your metabolism, reduces the process of burning fats and encourage you to eat more. Due to this excess of fat get stored in your body. Hence drink enough water a day to boost metabolism and avoid dehydration which is one of the important benefits of drinking water for weight loss.

4. Gives Calories Free Energy
Water is totally free from calories, cholesterol, and fat. Hence you can drink more water without worrying. You can add some lemon juice into a glass of water if you do not like to drink plain water. Drinking sufficient water keep you hydrated and gives energy to the brain.

5. Increase Fat-Burning Enzymes
To break-down food the enzyme called lipase is very important. But this lipase enzyme will get released only if you will drink sufficient amount of water. Without water, process of burning fat is not possible. Hence drink enough water and keep yourself well hydrated to break down food.

How Much Water to Drink to Lose Weight?

According to research drinking 2 liters (8 glasses) of water a day is necessary to lose weight.

How to Lose Weight With Water?

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Keep habit of drinking only warm water
  • Water before a meal
  • Green tea to reduce weight
  • Replace sweet drinks with normal water
  • Add fruit and cut salt

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What do you think about drinking water for weight loss? Do you agree? Share your comments below.

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