Bad foods for diabetics

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Those who are suffering from high blood sugar should know which food is good or bad for them. Let’s check top 8 bad foods for diabetics.

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Bad Foods for Diabetics

1. White Rice, Bread, and Flour

white bread, rice and floor

White bread, pasta, white rice, and white flour contains carbohydrates. These carbs will increase your blood sugar level once you start eating.

Hence instead of white bread, flour, and rice, you should include brown bread, rice, barley, high fiber cereals, and oatmeals etc. But if you cannot avoid white rice then eat less quantity of white rice in your lunch but not in the evening.

2. Sugar Products

avoid sugar products for type 2 diabetes

In the list of bad foods for diabetics, sugar is on the top. Sugar products like tea, coffee, soda, cookies, cold drinks, cake, candy, packed snacks, doughnuts, ice cream, sweets, and desserts should be avoided because these foods will increase weight as well as your blood sugar level.

3. Fruits Juice

avoid fruit juice for type 2 diabetes

Fruit juice contains nutrition but the patient with type 2 diabetes should avoid it. Because pure fruit juice contains a concentrated amount of sugar also which will increase your blood sugar level. Hence reduce intake of fruit juice.

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4. Dried Fruits

avoid dried fruits for type 2 diabetes

Dried fruits contain a good source of nutrients and fiber but they are high in sugar also hence you should reduce intake of it.

5. Dairy Products

avoid dairy products for type 2 diabetes

Dairy products like milk, cheese, and ice cream should be avoided if you have Type 2 diabetes. These dairy products contain saturated fats which can increase the level of bad cholesterol, increase in weight, heart problems and also increase insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition where the body doesn’t use insulin properly to convert sugar into energy.

6. Alcohol

avoid alcohol to avoid type 2 diabetes

Before drinking alcohol you should consult your doctor first. A doctor will suggest you the quantity of alcohol as per your blood sugar report. Too much alcohol will increase the level of blood sugar. Hence reduce the intake of alcohol to control your blood sugar level.

7. Meat

Avoid meat for type 2 diabetes

Like dairy products meat also contains saturated fats which will raise your bad cholesterol level and risk of heart disease.

Hence instead of meat, you should intake protein like chicken, egg white, fish or turkey.

8. Fried Foods

fried food is bad for diabetics

Fried chicken, french fries potato chips and other fried foods absorb more oil means you are consuming more calories. The trans fat of these fried foods may increase bad cholesterol level and decrease good cholesterol. Also, it will increase your weight and heart problems. Hence it is better to reduce the intake of fried food to control Type 2 diabetes.

In short, sugar products, meat, fried food, alcohol, white bread, rice, flour, fruits juice, and dairy products are bad foods for diabetics.

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