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Ardha Chakrasana Benefits and Steps | Myfitnesscraze

Ardha Chakrasana is the Sanskrit word. It is also known as a half wheel, half moon, and standing backward bend pose. It is effective to strengthen your back, hands, chest, and stomach. Let’s check (half wheel) Ardha Chakrasana benefits, steps and it’s precautions.

Ardha – Half
Chakra – Wheel
Asana – Pose

Ardha Chakrasana Steps

  • Stand straight and keep some distance between your feet.
  • Keep arms along sides of the body.
  • Now while inhaling (breathing in) raise your hands up. Keep your hands straight.
  • Now while exhaling (breathing out) bend backward as much you can. Hands, knees, and elbows should be straight.
  • Hold this position for few seconds and keep breathing gently.
  • Now while breathing out and release your pose to come back to the starting position.
  • Practice it twice.

Ardha Chakrasana Benefits

  • Stretches your back, chest, and arms
  • Improves digestion
  • Strengthens your back and reproductive system
  • Brings flexibility
  • Good exercise for lungs health
  • Get rid of back pain
  • Effective in curing respiratory disorders
  • Tones your shoulders and arms.
  • Helps to treat menstrual disorders
  • Effective to cure uterus problem

Ardha Chakrasana Precautions

It should be avoided if

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